January 16, 2019

Brunch your way around Brisbane like the locals do!

Want to feel like a local and hit all of the insta-worthy brunch spots in Brisbane City? We have tried and tested everything from perfectly smashed avocado to nutritious acai bowls and carefully selected the best just for you.

Here is our top 4 hot spots you must tick off your bucket list:

MYLK & KO.With a wide selection of acai bowls to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastebuds. Using wholesome, fresh and unrefined ingredients each acai is made to order ensuring a fully flavoursome experience. In addition, they cater for a wide range of requirements including vegan, gluten free and diary free. @mylkko

PawPaw Café.Ever wanted to try those beetroot or turmeric lattes you’ve seen on Instagram? If so, then this is your place! Located in Woolloongabba, PawPaw Café offers a variety of options from mushroom croquettes to classic vanilla bean pancakes to get those tastebuds rolling. @pawpawcafe

Feeling a bit dusty from a late night out? The brisket cheeseburger with kombucha mustard from Nodo is sure to cure you! Add a side of cold brew and finish it off with a vegan espresso donut to get you back on track for a day of exploring the big city. They’ve even got a selection of recipes that you can access online to recreate the sensation at home. @nodo

If you are willing to go further afield then there’s no better place than My Mistress. With catchy and unique menu items, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy. If you’re struggling to make a decision then why not both? Start with a cheeky fling and then end with the main affair! @mymistress

Let us know what your favourite spot was next time you come and stay with us!