June 10, 2019

Street Styling

Trying To figure out what to do on a picturesque Sunday morning in Brisbane? Why not take a wander through the cultural and artsy districts of Fortitude valley (located on the edge of the CBD), Woolloongabba or West End (south of the river). Spiral your way through the many different laneways, streets, and boutiques to discover all that Brisbane has to offer with its diverse variety of street art and installations. If you’re curious in learning the history of Brisbane’s street art scene and more information about each artwork, many guided walking tours take place around the city and can be booked to make your street art adventure much more knowledgeable and easy.

James Street – New Farm/Fortitude valley

James Street is filled with boutique restaurants, cafes and designer stores. It makes for the perfect meeting spot for a gathering with friends to pick up a freshly brewed latte, capture new Insta worthy shots and discover the many artworks that take up residence in one of Brisbane’s favourite streets. From James Street it’s an easy walk into the centre of Fortitude Valley where places such as Winn lane, Wickham Street and Coniston Lane are littered with vibrant colours from the paints of famous Brisbane street artists Drapl and Treazy. The 4ZZZ radio station building on Barry Parade is a must see.

4zzz Building56 James Street - Artis Natalya Hughes 
4zzz building - img via @grainofbluerice 
56 James Street, Artis Natalya Hughes, Img via jamesst.com.au


Woolloongabba has been known as the warehouse/Industrial district of Brisbane. But now is beginning to become the new place to be. High rise developments, trendy cafes, bars and restaurants are constantly popping up. This once humble little suburb is now thriving with life, bringing with it an extensive array of street art and installations. It is common to see new developments such as Trafalgar Square and South City Square incorporating local artist’s into their Modern designs. Trafalgar square is famous for using internationally renowned artist Guido Van Helton to create a huge mural for the 2017 BSAF that overlooks the world below. If your one who loves the old school graffiti style, Take a walk down the back streets to the endless rows of warehouses and rusted old sheds painted floor to roof in classic style graffiti pieces.

Trafalgar St 
Trafalgar St - artist Guido Van Helton - img via https://www.pellicano.com.au/ 

West End and South Brisbane

West End is known as the art capital of Brisbane. If you are going to adventure anywhere in this city for some street art eye candy, West End is the place. Start In south bank and Journey along the river bend. Maybe stop in at GOMA and give some appreciation to that side of the art world. The Pillars Project on the corners of Montague Road and Merivale Street has been created by 8 Brisbane artists. Each pillar artwork represents a different story or relation of the City and is a great sight for those wanting to know a little history. The pillars will guide you to the edge of West End where the real adventure begins. Don’t waste time trying to make a list of artworks to see in this suburb. Every street and little alley is filled with unique artworks and graffiti. So tie up your laces and just get exploring. While on your street art crawl pop into some of the many bars west end has to offer such as the Bearded Lady and Lychee Lounge and try some of the craft beers and house cocktails. 

Flood by Fintan MageeMural by Adante 
Flood by Fintan Magee & Mural by Adante - imgs via http://www.thepillarsproject.com/

There are always new artworks popping up around Brisbane and the weather is beautiful this time of year so lace up those shoes and hit the pavements! You never know what gems you will find on your adventures.