August 28, 2019

Re-visiting Movie Scenes in Brisbane

For those who have been in Brisbane in the last few years some of the more outstanding parts of a visit to the city may have been the massing of audio-visual equipment, actors and directors shooting a movie scene. Brisbane has featured in many films over the years with the most recent and arguably memorable being Thor: Ragnarök. Many of us may have missed the opportunity to get a photo with our favorite actor at the time, but there's good news! For those movie buffs who are looking for a fun-filled day out, there are many iconic locations in Brisbane which have been featured in block-buster films!


There have been heaps of BIG box office hits that have been filmed in the Brisbane area;

Thor: Ragnarök

Thor: Ragnarök, filmed in and around Brisbane. Brisbane was used in parts as the backdrop for New York City, which really brought out some similarities between the two cities! For a comprehensive list of locations and descriptions check out Fangirlquest’s article on the spots where filming took place. 

San Andreas

The natural disaster movie San Andreas (2017) also had footage taken on Brisbane streets, specifically on Elizabeth Street in the CBD where hundreds of extras can be seen fleeing from the incoming disaster!

Jackie Chan First Strike

Jackie Chan First Strike/ Police Story IV (1996) was a major release at the time, being filmed at the Chinatown mall in Fortitude Valley. The location is fully accessible today to take a film-fam pic! The filming was done at The Old Museum just after it moved to its new location.

From the Archives

There have been many memorable titles filmed in Brisbane over the decades. Love them or hate them these are the films from the early 2000’s, special effects and all.

Scooby Dooby Doo

Scooby Doo’s (2002) Spooky Island was in fact Brisbane's very own island paradise on Moreton Island, the Tangalooma Island Resort. Famed for it's white sandy beaches and sealife, the film set Moreton Island on the world map! Some of the striking set pieces are still in the resort, for more info check out the Tangalooma Resort's article. 

Inspector Gadget 2

We bet you didn't know that parts of Inspector Gadget 2 (2003) was filmed right here in Brisbane!
The police station was the University of Queensland's Fogan Smith building and a fight scene took place on the William Jolly Bridge! For those looking to remember this incredible film be sure to check out these locations.

The Future of Film in Brisbane

With film producers big and small all working in Brisbane, the future of film in the city is looking bright. With the opening of a new twelve-million-dollar studio complex, Brisbane’s continuous growth as a film star city is all but assured. With more and more producers choosing to shoot their films in Brisbane, we’re sure to see the city on the big screen around the world for years to come.